Art and design have always been a part of my life.  When I was a child, I liked drawing, theater, dance and choir. In middle school, I fell in love with movies and decided that I wanted to be an actress—an idea that evolved into a desire to make films, which ultimately led me to film school.  I have a keen sense of empathy, which is what I believe makes my passion for storytelling and cinema so powerful.

Over time, I would say that the style that has emerged in my personal work could be described as dark and visually stimulating. I have a drive to make films about those underrepresented in media—especially women and minorities—and I love to place these characters in dramatic, sensual, or psychological thrillers.

My influences span filmmakers from Quentin Tarantino to Catherine Hardwicke to Stanley Kubrick to Lars Von Trier. My creative process usually begins with a vision I form when daydreaming or listening to music. Vibrant pictures emerge and I feel motivated to piece these together as moving pictures.

I want to create ethereal and picturesque visions, made for the screen. And I hope to challenge people to question their assumptions and invite them to be emotionally inspired. I want the images I present to provoke catharsis.